Jordan: the school for syrian refugee children has been inaugurated

Jordan: the school for syrian refugee children has been inaugurated

In Jordan Mission Bambini Switzerland has supported the construction of a school for syrian refugee children inside the refugee camp of Za’atari.

On May 3rd 2018, in Jordan, inside the refugee camp of Za’atari where about 80.000 syrian refugee are living, Mission Bambini ha inaugurated a new school “Re:Build school” to guarantee he access to quality instruction for 250 syrian refugee children living in the camp.

“We are very glad for this achievement” -has affirmed Antonio Carbone, Director of Mission Bambini Switzerland who has participated to the inauguration ceremony. Now the right to study becomes reality also for these syrian children living in the dramatic situation of refugee. We believe that only giving to the children the opportunity to study it is possible to build a peaceful future”.

In his greeting speech, in front of the representatives of the Ministry of Education, of the Directorate Generale for Syrian refugees and of the other partners, Antonio Carbone wanted to share the message of some main donors who through Mission Bambini Switzerland have made this project possible: the Pescali family and IMAGO art gallery. “We are living in a world where inequalities and suffering caused by these often seem to prevail – has declared Carbone. Art , that is capable of capturing the gestures of goodness and can express itself with the same purity of heart as a child, has also the task not to make us forget those who suffer, particularly the little ones. To protect the dreams and the feelings of the most vulnerable, also through education”.

Inside the refugee camp of Za’atari similar schools have already been built: the school of Mission Bambini has an area of 256 square meters and is located in the 8 District, where less than 10% of the children among 6 and 17 years old are going to school. The “Re:Build school” of Mission Bambini Switzerland will be attended by groups of 20 children per class on 2 or 3 daily shifts, for a total of 160 children a day. 250 children will be involved within one year. The structure, which has an estimated duration up to 30 years, in comparison to 4 years of the containers usually used in these circumstances- for methods of construction and materials used it also ensures a comfortable environment, ensuring inside a ventilation and an adequate temperature.

Mission Bambini Switzerland thanks all the partners who have made this project possible :Building peace Foundation which has build the structure, Relief International - Jordan which will ensure the continuity of the teaching activities thanks also to the support of UNICEF, The Jordan Education Ministry.