How we operate

How we operate

Mission Bambini Switzerland settles its goals based on two different operational models: financing local partners and directly implementing them

Financing local partners

Mission Bambini Switzerland is a Foundation that finances and sustains projects all over the world in favor of children with difficulties. The requests for support are analyzed through a series of articulated parameters, must have coherent goals with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) defined by the ONU, in particular: to reduce child mortality, to eliminate starvation and extreme poverty, to advantage education’s access.The Foundation favors partners that show independent fundraising abilities. 

Direct projects’ implementation 

Alongside the disbursement model, the Foundation is also developing a direct implementation of projects abroad. Direct implementation projects are designed by the Foundation, also in partnership with other NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) and are based both abroad and in Switzerland. For this type of action, the Foundation is active in the search for funds at institutional and private level.

The additional value of Mission Bambini

Independently from the operative model adopted, thanks to the collaboration of Mission Bambini Italia, Mission Bambini Switzerland is the messenger of an additional value given by the online good practices, the exchange of experiences, contamination between different solutions for similar problems. Furthermore thanks to the expertise matured in favor to children in difficulties, the Foundation proposes itself to others - entirely supplying - as supplier of resources and warrant of reaching a major impact. The investor can reach and overcome its goals underwriting economical resources with Mission Bambini and benefiting from the monitoring and valuation work made by the Foundation.