Balance sheet for the fourth year of activity: 300.642 fr. provided for distressed children

Balance sheet for the fourth year of activity: 300.642 fr. provided for distressed children

The Mission Bambini Switzerland Foundation, established in January 2015, in the course of 2018 disbursed 300,642 francs, an increase of 4% compared to the 288,287 francs disbursed in 2017. The details of all projects supported during 2018 are shown below.  


Health: commitment for children with heart disease    

Also in 2018 the Foundation confirmed its commitment to health, supporting the "Cuore di Bimbi" Program, and in particular the missions of volunteer doctors in Eritrea, Romania and Zimbabwe to save cardiopathic children waiting for surgery.






Bangladesh: Pink scholarships

In the field of Education, the Foundation also supported the new “Pink scholarships” Program for secondary female education, contributing in particular to the activation of scholarships for girls at risk of early marriage in Bangladesh in collaboration with the local NGO 'Dalit NGO'.
The aim of the program is to increase the number of girls who attend and complete secondary education in the poorest countries, helping them to get a diploma, a professional qualification or a degree. Mission Bambini Switzerland covers school fees, expenses for teaching materials such as books and notebooks, board and lodging.


donale una scelta



Switzerland: Robotics & Mint Learning Center

In addition to the Morbio project, in 2018, the Foundation launched a second project in Switzerland. This is the "Robotics & MINT Learning Center" carried out in an experimental form in the elementary school of Roveredo in the Canton of Graubünden: the first permanent educational robotics laboratory and educational technology in Switzerland. The project is primarily dedicated to children and kids with learning difficulties, with the aim of improving their basic academic skills through an interactive mode based on the use of robotics and digital technologies.


laboratorio robotica




Switzerland: Intergenerational Park

In Switzerland the Foundation also continued in 2018 the multi-year collaboration started in 2016 with the retirement home for elderly people managed by the San Rocco Foundation in Morbio. Within the structure Mission Bambini Switzerland has supported the creation of a "playground" to accommodate children 0-3 years old and their mothers, structuring a wide range of intergenerational animation activities. During the year, more than 130 activities were carried out: on average, 20 elderly residents of the nursing home and 12 children participated in each activity, thanks to the involvement of nursery schools, elementary schools, music schools, associations and groups parish churches of the territory. The activities contributed to improve the level of learning and well-being of children and old people, as also found in the social impact assessment carried out by SUPSI - University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland.


parco intergenerazionale




Italy: aid to the people hit by the earthquake does not stop

In 2018 the Foundation also continued its commitment in Italy to support populations hit by the 2016 and 2017 seismic events. After contributing to the construction of the "Canteen for Children" in Cittareale, Mission Bambini Switzerland also contributed to the construction of a new aggregation center in Montereale, a municipality in the province of L'Aquila already damaged by the 2009 earthquake. The completely anti-seismic structure was inaugurated on June 1st, 2018.





Jordan: a new school

In 2018, Mission Bambini Switzerland built a new school in Jordan, within the Zaatari refugee camp where are living about 80,000 Syrian refugees. The "Re:Build school", built in collaboration with the Building Peace Foundation, Relief International-Jordan and the Jordanian Ministry of Education, has been inaugurated on May 3rd: it will guarantee access to quality education to 250 Syrian children.