Second balance sheet: 222.000 Swiss Francs donated for suffering children

Second balance sheet: 222.000 Swiss Francs donated for suffering children

In the course of 2016 Mission Bambini Switzerland donated 222,000 francs to children support projects, therefore increasing its allocation by 22% compared to the 180,786 francs donated in 2015. There has been an increase in the number of projects supported with different purposes and in different areas, including Switzerland.



Thanks to the latest donation of 121,420 francs by Mission Bambini Switzerland, 900 children in the Tichakunda Center in Zimbabwe have now a new school building with spacious, light and airy classrooms. The school lies on the northern outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe Capital city, in the suburb called “Hatcliffe Extension”.


zimbabwe 2016



In Switzerland the Foundation has started a long-term partnership with a retirement home managed by the San Rocco Foundation in Morbio. Within the premises of his retirement home there is a so-called “play area” for children between 0-3 and their mothers. A first 10,000-franc donation by Mission Bambini Switzerland was used to employ a qualified instructor who provides a wide range of social and cultural activities for all age groups, thus increasing the learning opportunities and the wellbeing of both children and old residents.


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After the devastations caused by a number of earthquakes in central Italy at the end of August 2016 and in the following months, Mission Bambini Switzerland allocated 23,580 francs for measures intended to increase the safety of 3 school buildings in the L’Aquila Province.


Children’s heart

In 2016 Mission Bambini Switzerland provided again its support to the “Children’s Heart” project, which aims at saving children suffering from heart disease in the poorest of countries. Thanks to a total contribution of 45,560 francs, it was possible to organize missions of volunteer doctors and support children heart surgeries in local hospitals in Cambodia, Romania and Zimbabwe.


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The Foundation supported the “Ciudad de los Ninos” in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with a donation of 16,080 francs. This center accommodates over 100 children, designated by the Juvenile Court, providing accommodation, food, medical care and education. Many of these children are orphans or have been abandoned, but, whenever possible, they are encouraged to rejoin their families.


Mission Bambini Switzerland donated 5,360 francs to support a project amongst the Abo, Tokondà and Segheneti communities. The project operates in many ways: distributing food supplements for children, educating young mothers, donating goats and environmental friendly ovens. Thanks to the Foundation’s contribution a workshop was organized in Zazzega, involving 120 mothers, on the subjects of nutrition and personal hygiene and sanitation.