Mission Bambini Switzerland. Who we are.

Mission Bambini Switzerland. Who we are.

The Mission Bambini Foundation Switzerland was created in January 2015 by Mission Bambini Italy. The aim of the Foundation is to give support to children who are impoverished, sick or without education and those who have undergone moral of physical abuse, giving them the opportunity and hope of a better life.


Since 2015 Mission Bambini has been joining the umbrella Association for Fondations ProFonds.


Mission Bambini Switzerland is a non-profit, secular and independent Swiss Foundation. Intervenes in the world with reception projects, health care, education and emergency.

In four years of activity, Mission Bambini Switzerland has financed 30 aid projects in 12 countries of the world: Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Eritrea, Jordan, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Romania, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh.
To the activity abroad, there is the one in Switzerland: starting from Morbio, where the first project dedicated to welcoming early childhood was started, in collaboration with the San Rocco Foundation: the "Intergenerational Park", born with the goal of structuring a play area inside the nursing home managed by the homonymous Foundation.
A second project was launched in the context of the inclusion of children with learning difficulties: the permanent didactic center Robotics and MINT Laboratory: the Educational Robotics Laboratory represents an innovative and modern center that integrates with traditional teaching and is able to offer significant benefits in terms of basic learning and social inclusion.
With educational robotics the usually marked gap that normally occurs in learning between children with disabilities / disabilities and pupils without disorders tends to be significantly reduced in the execution and processing of equal tasks assigned.


Board Member


Founder and President

Engineer Goffredo Modena was born in Bologna in 1938, where at the age of 26, he graduated in Electronic Engineering. His is a professional success story and one of a strong passion for social work, both of which found full expression in 2000 when he founded the Mission Bambini Foundation. He has been full-time voluntary President of the Foundation ever since.

After achieving all the goals I had set myself, I found myself with lots of free time. So, I decided to devote myself to others.’  Modena started doing bro-bono consultancy with a social cooperative where he encountered people with various problems: AIDs patients and prisoners, for example. ‘After that experience, I realised that my new path was to help others - particularly those with a lot less than I have.’

At the age of 60, Engineer Modena decided to found the Mission Bambini Foundation in Milan (originally called ‘aiutare i bambini’), with the support of his wife and children. In January 2015, Mission Bambini Italy gave life to the new Mission Bambini Foundation Switzerland.

Both Foundations aim to help poor, sick, uneducated children - around the world and in Italy - that were victims of physical and moral mistreatments and to guarantee them the opportunity and the hope for a respectable life. Both actions from the Italian and Swiss Foundation will be always conducted in transparency and concreteness.


Managing Director

Sara Modena was born in Milan (Italy) in 1978. She graduated in Languages and Foreign Litteratures at the Catholic University “Sacro Cuore” of Milan in 2002. She has been working for the Mission Bambini Foundation Italy for ten years, being responsible for the Corporate Fund Raising Division.
She is currently the Managing Director of the Mission Bambini Switzerland Division. She is also member of the Directors Board either for Mission Bambini Italy , nor for Mission Bambini Switzerland.




Antonio Carbone graduated in Law at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. Since the beginning of the 80es – after working in London and New York – has always been working in finance in Lugano, first as broker (Prudential-Bache Securities) and afterward as asset and collective investment Manager either as employee nor as freelancer (Heritage Finance & Trust, Antonio Carbone Consulenze Finanziarie, Lemanik SA).  He was Administrative Council for Kairos Asset Management in Lugano. He is married and has three children.



Clara Mascetti, was born in Varese (Italy) where she attended Classical High School studies. After her graduation in Law at the University of Zurich, she started working as specialist in commercial law in Lugano.
Since 2015 she is member of the Mission Bambini Switzerland Board.



Ottavio Crivaro was born in Paola, CS (Italy) in 1970. He graduated in Engineering at the University of Pisa in 1998. He is currently CEO for MoxOff (www.moxoff.com), President for Mathesia (www.mathesia.com), member of the executive board of SIMAI (www.simai.eu). Formerly he was Consulting Manager for technological companies. He is member of the Executive Board both for Mission Bambini Italia and Mission Bambini Switzerland.


Il Comitato d'onore



françois genoiz

François Geinoz

Graduated in the University of Zurich in 1986., Advanced Management Program ESE Business School in 2007. From 1986 to 1989 he has been Teacher of Operations Research in the Universities of Zurich and Freiburg, and in Technical School of Windisch. Since 1990 he is Director of the Limmat Foundation, Zurich, umbrella Foundation specialized in development cooperation and educational projects. He is author of researches and publications in demography. Consulting activity for Foundations. Since 2007 he is co-founder and member of the committee of the Zurich Philanthropy Roundtable. Since 2010 he is member of the committee and since 2013 President of proFonds, the Swiss Association of Public Utility Foundations.

daniela mascetti web

Daniela Mascetti

She is Senior Director, Senior International Jewelry Specialist, World Wide Head of Scholarship of Sotheby’s. After classical studies at the State University of Milan and gemological studies at the Gemological Association of Great Britain, in 1980 Daniela starts cooperating with the Jewels Department of Sotheby’s and moves to London and then to Geneva. Among the historical sales she has followed, must be mentioned those for the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor , of the Princes Thun and Taxis, of Maria Callas and Gina Lollobrigida. Her passion for precious stones and the history of jewels lead her to investigate these subjects and to publish various works as author and co-author.

rocco pellegrinelli web

Rocco Pellegrinelli

He started his career as portfolio manager. He is a successful entrepreneur in the financial technology sector. In 1996 he has founded Brainpower and, as President and CEO, has developed it until it has become one of the major systems of portfolio management worldwide. After having been listed in 2000 at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Brainpower was purchased by Bloomberg in 2006. He is the founder and CEO of Trendrating, one of the major providers of analysis and technology to the fund management industry, and has been recently chosen by FTSE Russell to develop new market indexes.

paolo kauffmann web

Paolo Kauffmann

After a degree in Business Administration he has started his professional career in the field of non-ferrous materials and in particular of the Intermarket Analysis. In the course of the years, the study of emotional impacts on the trading of raw materials and of industrial purchases has led him to organize training courses aimed at manufacturing companies. In 1989 he is co-founder of Kauffmann & Sons together with his father Giovanni, in 2003 of FARO- the International Commodity Club and in 2005 of Kommodities Partners with the aim to form he best team of analysts, risk managers and brokers for industrial companies. Thanks to his passion for research and for new contacts he could meet inside FARO visionary characters with inspiration and contamination from other sectors and new disciplines. He is the author of several articles on technical analysis and intermarket for trade magazines of industrial raw materials. Among his hobbies, contemporary art, the mountains and the sea-side.

diego lissi web

Diego Lissi

Has started his career in the swiss fiduciary market, becoming general manager of a swiss company of fiduciary services active at the national level. Since 1987 he develops and leads with 40 other partners and employees the same services at Lugano and Monaco. He is founder, president and shareholder of an important farm in California and manages an hotel in Switzerland and another one in France that he owns.

michele clerici

Michele Clerici

Finance and accounting specialist he is the Lugano Director of Altiqa Group, a consulting company born from the union of Guardian, North Atlantic, GFO Global family Office and Bastion Guardian. Four companies representing the excellence in the sector of corporate and fiscal consulting, now a unique firm offering in even more large, competitive and global. range of services.

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